Greg Kruger

Excellence in Extension - EngagementGreg Kruger

Dr. Greg Kruger has been actively involved in Nebraska Extension since joining UNL in 2010. He has pushed to explore under-served parts of the weed science field and has done so very effectively locally and globally as evident with his work with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NE producers, and his commitment to training the next generation of weed scientists from around the world. Dr. Kruger built the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory which conducts a combination of laboratory, greenhouse, and field drift trials including those to understand how best to maximize efficacy from pesticides while minimizing unintended consequences. The most prominent contribution of his program includes trainings and presentations. The trainings result in more informed clientele reducing off target movement, tank mix and sprayer calibration errors, development of herbicide resistant weeds, and correct selection of nozzles, adjuvants, and tank mix herbicides. In the past year, he has been the go-to-guy pertaining to off-target movement issues related to dicamba. This work has led him to consult with EPA on the release of the DRT program and has helped to foster global collaboration in the area of pesticide applications. Dr. Kruger has been recognized for several honors and serves on many committees.

Most recently, the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) elected him as Liaison to the EPA. As part of his elected duty with the WSSA, he travels to Washington, D.C to give updates on the weed science world. Moreover, noticing a disconnect with regulators and actual producers, he hosted EPA employees from the National office in Washington, DC. He planned a tour so they could better understand herbicides that are applied, where they are being applied, and what unintended consequences have resulted from the use of the products. This tour has created an open dialog with regulators in Washington and has opened the eyes of many about production agriculture in Nebraska and what challenges Nebraska producers are facing every day.

Locally, Dr. Kruger has been extensively involved with Nebraska Agriculture. He has delivered numerous talks in Nebraska reaching thousands of people on the topic of sustainability of herbicides and delaying the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds. He is actively involved with the three largest university production agriculture programs, Crop Management Conference, Crop Production Clinics and Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics. Dr. Kruger has engaged, trained, and advised graduate students and interns from around the world. The training these students receive provides expertise and high level skills in a niche area where few people have expertise in production agriculture. This last year, he co-hosted the North American Weed Science Society Student Weed Contest. The contest increases the visibility and importance of weed science for the Ag industry and offers networking opportunities with university faculty, researchers, industry representatives and fellow students. Dr. Kruger has developed strong ties across the globe in the area of weed science and has built good relationships with research and Extension professionals in other universities. With his engagement locally and worldwide, he has demonstrated the recognition of this award.